7 Things To Nail Before You Try Selling Online

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    Katrina Young, KYC Digital, Digital Strategist

    About This Episode

    Isn’t it all going Digital?  Do you feel as though you’re being left behind? 

    Well, solid preparation and research now could save you ages in back peddling and redoing stuff later on.

    In this episode we welcome Digital specialist Katrina Young into the studio.  Katrina works with large corporates and small teams to help them develop and systemise their online products.  During our interview we look at the key things you need to consider before you just dive in.

    There are also some great little marketing tips along the way.

    We also have co-host Laura Lawrence and Jackie Groundsell.  Behind the scenes is Simone Mardell on Media Production.

    Key Takeaway

    If you’re not getting the results you want, don’t just assume you know which part of your sales and marketing is letting you down.  No sales could mean your ads aren’t working, or it could be that the person taking the calls when the phone rings is letting you down.

    In this episode Sian shares a real life example of where this happened and the salon in question lost her business, even though their paid ad had done its job very well. 

    Top Tips For Being in Business

    Top tips from our guests live on air...

    "Focus on your sales. Sell every day. Make offers. Focus on giving value and conversations. "

    Katrina Young

    "Know who you are, what you’re selling and how you’re selling it. That determines which platform you should go for. "

    Katrina Young

    What Do You Know Now, That You Wish You Had Known When You Started Out?

    We always try and get this question in live on air...

    "Focus on messaging and business rather than trying to do everything. Just sit down and talk to the people you want to help."

    Katrina Young

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