7 Tactics For Better Sleep with Fliss Foster of Sleepability

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    Fliss Foster, Founder of Sleepability, The Natural Sleep Clinic

    About This Episode

    How are you sleeping?

    So many businesswomen are experiencing problems with sleeping. For some, it’s a new problem, possibly a response to the underlying stress associated with the ongoing Covid situation.

    Or perhaps it’s an issue you’ve struggled with for years.

    Either way, you probably want to get a better nights sleep. In the program today, we welcome Fliss Foster, who founded Sleepability.

    As a sleep expert, Fliss has helped people with all sorts of reasons for not sleeping and for whom the problem presents in different ways—not getting to sleep, or dropping off ok, only to wake in the middle of the night.

    Fliss shares her top 7 tactics for improving your sleep, and the women in the business team also share their challenges and solutions.

    Plus, some great book recommendations.

    With Host Sian Murphy and co-hosts Laura Lawrence and Jackie Groundsell.

    You can connect with Fliss and Sleepability at https://sleepability.co.uk/

    Key Takeaway

    Most people suffer with poor sleeping at some time, and even more so in times of stress, such as with the Covid situation when this episode was recorded.

    The key is avoiding the stressful cycle of not sleeping and then lying awake worrying about not sleeping.
    If you can’t sleep, read a book, get up or listen to a story on an audio book – who knows you may even drop off.
    There are lots of potential solutions and some of them take a while to kick in so whatever you try, give them time to start working before you give up.

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