Access Your Alpha State For Productivity, Clarity and Happiness – With Angela Gower-Johnson

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On today’s show, we had Angela Gower-Johnson, Business Energy Strategist from Ultimate Dream Project, and boy was it a whale of a show! At the start, we were discussing some marketing campaign ideas for February (February is rife with holidays!) and about organisation. Did you know that if we spend 10 minutes each day looking [...]

Drawing your way to organisational improvement – five reasons to get more creative

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‘Our colleagues get scared when we bring out the Post-it notes’. This comment from a recent client sums up the dread that many people feel about the use of ‘creative’ techniques within the workplace. It’s a real shame as moving beyond the traditional flipchart and bullet points approach can free up people’s minds, encourage innovation and vastly [...]

How Meditation Increases Productivity

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by Jennie Lee The benefits of meditation are diverse and well documented, but an interesting one that is often overlooked is the effect meditation has on our productivity levels. Given how competitive the business world is, and the ever-increasing demands on our attention, it is easy to appreciate the value of a tool that can [...]