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Dani is and Author as well as the Co-founder and Editor of the award-winning website and blog Beauty At Brunch.Ever the adventurer, fun-loving Dani enjoys a challenge and, after completing one of her endeavours, will never hesitate to tell us every single detail. Dani is famous for her exhausting storytelling (has been known to take two hours to describe a 30 minute TV show), as well as “an arse to be proud of”… Even if she does say so herself! One of the lads, she loves to talk about her bowel movements (AKA going to “upstairs toilet”). She’s always been the joker of the group! A natural motivator, her love of fitness and passion for healthy living inspires those around her.

How To Be More Successful By Improving Your Fitness

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Are you an entrepreneur, a student, or have a demanding job? Do you feel like you're always on the go, stressed out, and need more hours in the day? No matter what it is we're trying to achieve - whether it's career progression, passing exams or being more organised at home - there's one thing [...]