Be Productive – Tips to Maintain Your Focus

One of the best tips I ever learned was to be able to recognise when you lose focus. And of course if you do this quickly then you lose less time before you get back on track. If we don’t notice our distractions we can lose a lot of our planned productive time on lower…

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Be Productive – Take Control of Your Inbox

Be Productive with emails

THE EMAIL PROBLEM It has happened to us all. We have a plan for the day, we check our email first and the next thing we know its mid-morning or worse still lunchtime! Our intentions are good, “I’ll just clear my Inbox before I start and then I will feel more organised”. But of course…

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Time Management – Is It All In The Mind?

Time Management - Is It All In Your Head

If you’re juggling your business, family, time for yourself, or just plain old getting things done, then you may be feeling as though you just don’t have enough hours in the day; you’re never going to catch up; create some space for yourself or make a success of it. You may even be wondering if…

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