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Why – Mission Statement

Normal women are having a massive impact on their family income and ethos and injecting resources into the local and global community.

BUT Need – to know how to do things – real world accessible affordable training.

Power for women is in honesty and collaboration.

Ask questions, share and get inspiration and confidence.


Overall Look and Feel meets the OWN


Radio show

Website articles and blog posts

TV programme


Community of contributors and ‘listeners’

Training Centre

Events – B2B and ‘get-togethers’

How is WIB RADIO different?

Inclusive and targeted at women who don’t know what at KPI is and don’t think they have the confidence to write a business plan, but they do have something written down in their handbag, which they don’t consider good enough to be a plan.

Offer them a platform to showcase what they do and gain confidence and experience.

Affordable and accessible

Focus on the good ‘differences’