Sian Murphy Host of The Women In Business Radio Show Colour (1)

Sian Murphy

As well as being the Host + Creator of The women in Business Radio Show,

Sian is the CEO of the Social Enterprise Women in Business Events CIC.

Sian also works as a consultant and NLP practioner to help businesswomen

shift from stuck in a rut to doing their own thing.



Jackie Groundsell

Networking Queen, Jackie Groundsell is known as the 'Connector', a Powerhouse for women, because she literally thinks in terms of connections. She always knows someone who will help you move closer to achieving your goals.

Her little (pink) black book is littered with influential people across all walks of life. Long before networking events became popular, Jackie was laying the foundations for the now successful 1230 TWC (The Women's Company) a businesswomen's network uniting women across the UK and internationally, online and offline, through shared experiences and training.

Jackie supports thousands of small business owners through her events. With a background in IT training, she has a comprehensive understanding of today's online technology.


Laura Lawrence

In early 2005 Laura took the decision to give up her city job as a Marketing Communications Executive to start her own local publishing business. It was through working with so many local companies that she realised small businesses really needed help with their marketing but were not in a position to hire a full-time person.

She keeps marketing simple as it is the simple things that are often the most effective. If she can add humour to her work then she will; as to make someone smile is to give them more reason to remember you or your business.

Adelle Martin

Adelle Martin

Adelle created The Women In Business MidLife Club in February 2020 after leaving her 30-year Corporate Career ahead of her 50th Birthday. With a misdiagnosed Early Menopause as anxiety Adelle was forced to take time off from her Career & Business.

Adelle needed to understand what had happened to her and how she could manage her Menopause! Adelle did not want to choose between her Menopause or well-earned Career & Business! So using her research Adelle developed her MidLife Resilience System to get "Adelle Back to Business"... Since getting "Back to Business"

Adelle has been Coaching Women in Business to understand how their body is responding to their hormonal changes so they can continue to Lead Themselves, Family & Business through their Peri | Menopause changes.