Connect With The Show

There are 2 main ways to connect with the show
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    Free Newsletter Subscriber

    There are two ways to connect by newsletter.  The first is a simple emailed newsletter, and the second is through our Substack, where you can read all posts and articles and comment.  There is also the much wider Substack community of creatives, where you may find other articles and newsletters to enjoy.

    Free Substack Subscription

    Substack is a community-based newsletter platform (think Facebook, meets blogs and magazines)

    Subscribing to this newsletter means you can also comment on posts, share posts to the substack community and social media, and join other newsletters and authors as part of the substack community of creatives.

    The posts will be emailed to you, so you don't have to hunt around, but you can also visit the Substack to find earlier posts and connect with other authors.

    From here, you can also upgrade your subscription to membership, which means you can join the monthly networking.

    Subscribe to Email Newsletter

    Membership £6.95 PM

    Substack Upgrade to Paid

    Once you subscribe, you can upgrade to paid for £6.95 a month, or there is an annual option for £65.

    The networking for Paid Subscribers is by Zoom on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 6pm UK time and the time in your zone is available when you book.

    Email Members

    Pay through stripe for membership at £6.95 a month and as well as the usual newsletter, you also get an invitation and joining details for the monthly networking.