Top Tools For Business

Website Grader

The Women In business Radio Show recommends Website Grader

The tool of the week this week is Hubspot’s Website Grader.  Now, whilst this is a very simple tool to use because you just type in your URL – that’s the full ‘address’ of your website – so for this website, it’s http://www.thewomeninbusinessradioshow.com (yes I know that’s ludicrously long!) and off you go. The results…

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A Free CRM Tool That’s Fully Loaded!

My experience with CRM’s (Customer Relationship Managers) is that they take ages to learn, even longer to get your data up into them, and when you’ve finally got it all done, you find out there is one critical flaw that means it won’t work for you. There is also generally a wheeze when they are…

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Run Your Business Online For About £1 A Day!

Constant contact branded newsletters

If you’ve just started out in business and you’re at that no-money stage, or you are still sorting out who you are and what you’re doing, so one way or the other you may not feel ready for websites and all that. Well the reason I love Constant Contact is that you can run (well…

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