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How To Write A Case Study With Case Study Ninja

How To Write A Case Study To Grow Your Business

Case studies are a fantastic sales tool, especially if you do something people have trouble understanding. Today we were joined by Sarah Dillingham from Case Study Ninja giving valuable insights to how to build and use case studies in your business.We started the show off with Kelly Culver, giving us some helpful tips and tools…

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How To Price Your Products And Services


In this episode, we are joined by Sarah Brown, a business advisor and pricing expert from Inspire2Aspire, who have worked with major corporates like BT, entrepreneurs and the public sector. We cover how pricing is a combination of mindset, business, maths and business acumen. Also in the studio is Dani Needham, a Personal Trainer, Gym…

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Personal Branding With KellyAnn Schiavo


KellyAnn Schiavo is a personal branding guru – and that’s what we’re calling her – she didn’t give herself that label. So why am I calling her a guru – well I think it’s rather fab when a Personal Branding specialist manages to hook a prestigious brand like Bentley into their stable! In this hour…

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Social Selling With Tim Hughes


It’s tricky deciding how to describe this show because there is so much information shared by Tim. Highlights include a great example of how to use Snapchat for business; LinkedIn tips for personal branding; and, how influencers can help you to sell your products and services. This show is definitely for you if the thought…

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The Proven Step By Step Formula For Telephone Sales Success.

Amanda Francis of Alchemis Sponsor

If you need more sales in your business, there is no getting away from the uncomfortable truth that you may need to come out from behind the computer or phone screen and get on that phone! Cold calling, yes, but definitely not as we know it. Amanda Francis and her team at Alchemis have been…

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