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Bounce Back From Burnout with Michala Leyland

Bounce Back From Burnout

About The Show Tune in to hear Sian and Laura find out how the author and coach Michala Leyland did Bounce Back From Burnout. As she shares her story we also see how to tell burnout from overwhelm; how it can be a blessing in disguise and of course those tactics for bouncing back! Michala…

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Is Imposter Syndrome Screwing Your Business?

Well, I think we covered nearly all of it in today’s show with Grace Graham.  Grace is a certified business coach (and there aren’t many of those around) who works with women and specialises in helping people identify and tackle imposter syndrome. If you’re wondering what that is, well it turns out that nearly all…

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How To Get Into Flow With Creativity

Creativity with The Women In Business Radio Show

Do you keep hearing about ‘getting into flow’ but have no idea what that feels like or how to achieve it?  Listen in because we tackle just this, as well as our usual social media tips, book recommendations and growth ideas for your business. I think we managed to pack a lot into this show…

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Tackle Depression Through Dance

Sarah comes from the angle that everyone can dance – no matter what their circumstances – and they can.  Even if all you can do is tap your toe, you’re dancing. And when you hear about how dancing can build resilience in all areas of your life, this is so so important. What a lively…

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Keeping Fit As A Woman In Business

Today we welcomed Dani Needham into the studio to cover some of those questions we may have as women in business… Is there a difference between men and women when it comes to keeping fit? Is there a difference between keeping fit and being healthy? How can you keep healthy as a ‘deskbound’ woman in…

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The Statistics Of Women in Business


We welcome Image Stylist Deborah Turner, the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) Women’s representative, and we get the lowdown on some interesting statistics about being a woman in business. Of course, stats don’t have to come true, but it’s so interesting to get a heads up on some common issues being faced by women in…

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