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How To Wow Your Customer The Taylor’d Bundles Way!

About The Show How many times have you heard that the best thing to do in business is what you’re passionate about? If you’re anything like us, quite a lot I should think. However, this advice isn’t just because if your’e passionate about something you’re going to enjoy it more, it’s really about how that…

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Get Paid More For What You Do – Suzy Miller

About The Show Thanks to Suzy Miller for helping us to create such a varied show with a range of actionable ideas for you to get paid more for doing what you do.  This is closely aligned with getting more money generally in situations such as divorce which is Suzy’s specialist area. Listen in to…

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M.E Can Be An Inspirational Life Changing Journey

About The Show For Jude Adams, being diagnosed with ME proved to be a turning point in her career as a singer-songwriter, taking her to brilliant and greater projects; launching her album with a cohort of musicians and going on to win funding and awards. Plus, she did all of this after she started singing…

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From Council Worker To Theatre Producer, Actor and Director!

This was such an exciting show because both of our guests today have a fantastic background in the arts, both have achieved international recognition, and it hasn’t all been plain sailing either. JD (Junior) Douglas took himself from Arts and Development Officer at Camden Council to being a prolific writer, director and producer of plays.…

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Getting Out Of Fear With Angela Gower-Johnson

I just loved interviewing this lady, and we also chatted after the show closed, and I can tell you she is one seriously intuitive bunny. She had me totally nailed down (and it’s not often that happens) and chances are I’m going to get her in to be my business coach. And that’s NEVER happened!…

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