Networking Do’s and Don’ts

About The Show Are you thinking of going networking to help grow your business, but you don’t know where to start, don’t know what to do when you get there and are just dreading it? This is the show for you! Today we were joined in the studio by Grace Kelly, Chair of the Women…

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How To Grow Your Photography Business With Amber Leach

Amber Leach Feature Image

About The Show Our studio guest for this episode is Amber Leach, founder of Liberty Pearl Photo and Film Collective. Listen in to find out how Amber grew her business from a standing start, with only enough money in the bank to last 6 weeks and as a single mum. Despite no marketing budget, very…

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How To Get Unstuck and Into Your Flow

nto Your Flow with Angela Gower Johnson

About The Show We’re joined in the studio by Angela Gower-Johnson, Business Spiritual Advisor and founder of the Ultimate Dream Project. We explore how to get unstuck and find a new direction for your life and your business. Also in the studio are host Sian Murphy, Co-Host Laura Lawrence and Kelly Culver, live on Twitter.…

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Launch show – Women In Business Goes Global!

Global Women in Business

About The Show This live show launches Phase 1 of our new global initiative to bring you women in business news from around the world and in this show we introduce our new co-presenters for Africa and the USA. In the studio, we had our new co-host, Film-maker, journalist and publisher Neema Kambona, founder of…

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How To Wow Your Customer The Taylor’d Bundles Way!

About The Show How many times have you heard that the best thing to do in business is what you’re passionate about? If you’re anything like us, quite a lot I should think. However, this advice isn’t just because if your’e passionate about something you’re going to enjoy it more, it’s really about how that…

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