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How To Beat Addiction Whilst You’re Running Your Business


Dealing with addiction, either yours or someone close to you, is never going to be easy. It’s particularly difficult when you are trying to juggle running a business whilst tackling an addiction. What is particularly special is how Chris acknowledges the different types of addiction from alcohol, drugs through to food and sugar.  All can…

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How To Mix Your Artistic Business With Depression

I think the title rather sets up the main thrust of the programme – and I am so grateful to Clara for how open and honest she is about her story tackling depression. What she didn’t say during the show was how she really wanted to help other people to deal with depression. We also…

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Personal Branding With KellyAnn Schiavo


KellyAnn Schiavo is a personal branding guru – and that’s what we’re calling her – she didn’t give herself that label. So why am I calling her a guru – well I think it’s rather fab when a Personal Branding specialist manages to hook a prestigious brand like Bentley into their stable! In this hour…

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Social Selling With Tim Hughes


It’s tricky deciding how to describe this show because there is so much information shared by Tim. Highlights include a great example of how to use Snapchat for business; LinkedIn tips for personal branding; and, how influencers can help you to sell your products and services. This show is definitely for you if the thought…

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Getting Out Of Fear With Angela Gower-Johnson

I just loved interviewing this lady, and we also chatted after the show closed, and I can tell you she is one seriously intuitive bunny. She had me totally nailed down (and it’s not often that happens) and chances are I’m going to get her in to be my business coach. And that’s NEVER happened!…

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Social Media Techniques with Lucy Hall

Not only did we have Lucy Hall in the Studio, but her 4 year old daughter Mollie. Lucy is also expecting her second baby and so is a great example of balancing kids, family and business. Lucy gives us some great tips for managing social media, a couple of seriously cool apps for creating images…

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Why Even A Micro Business Needs Credit Control

This week our guest is Jammie O’Connell of Credit Control Solutions and together we explore the why, how and what of a credit control system – no matter how big or small your business. And it’s a lot simpler than you may think. Credit control is one of those terms that sounds a lot more…

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How NOT To Sell Your Business

Seller Beware by Denise Barnes

Well this episode probably had almost everything in it. For one thing, if you get bowled over by the gorgeous sales agent for your business, and take your eye off the relevant ball, then you end up with the sort of crummy job that costs you thousands and thousands. You’ll be pleased to know, I…

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