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How To Turn Your Hobby Into A Business

About The Show How To Turn Your Hobby Into A Business? Tune to hear a lively discussion between women in business from the US and UK talking through how do you know when it’s time to leap from your job. Plus, what’s the difference between an Accountability Partner, a Mentor and a Business Coach and…

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Networking Do’s and Don’ts

About The Show Are you thinking of going networking to help grow your business, but you don’t know where to start, don’t know what to do when you get there and are just dreading it? This is the show for you! Today we were joined in the studio by Grace Kelly, Chair of the Women…

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Turning Your Creative Passion Into A Business

Turning Your Passion Into A Business

About The Show Tune in to this 50-minute show where we hear from the MD of Etsy UK, Annette Picardo, Author and Coach Dolores Andrew-Gavin, who helps businesswomen find their voice, and Rebecca Smith, Deputy CEO of Social Enterprise Kent, who helps CIC’s and Charities to grow. Along the way, we find out about the…

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Do You Need A Coach and Top 10 Must Do’s for Start Ups

About The Show In this episode, we’re joined by the powerhouse Toccara Steele with a frank discussion about whether you need a coach for your life or your business. In the second half of the show Hetty Rackham, who has made her mark as a social media consultant who supports agencies with their large clients,…

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Bounce Back From Burnout with Michala Leyland

Bounce Back From Burnout

About The Show Tune in to hear Sian and Laura find out how the author and coach Michala Leyland did Bounce Back From Burnout. As she shares her story we also see how to tell burnout from overwhelm; how it can be a blessing in disguise and of course those tactics for bouncing back! Michala…

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