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Business After Breast Cancer – Start Up Stories

About The Show There really is life during and after breast cancer. In fact, life can go in unexpected and unimagined directions. Listen in to hear three women in business guests tell their stories, explain where they are now, how their businesses have started and developed. Our guests on the show today were Mary Huckle,…

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Stronger Wings For Stronger Women

Listen in to find out how Gemma Sharpe shifted from her corporate career in HR, battled breast cancer and turned what she learned about building her own confidence into a business programme helping other women to do the same. Gemma started her business Lordene Learning to help women and developed her own 5 Pillars of…

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Tackle Depression Through Dance

Sarah comes from the angle that everyone can dance – no matter what their circumstances – and they can.  Even if all you can do is tap your toe, you’re dancing. And when you hear about how dancing can build resilience in all areas of your life, this is so so important. What a lively…

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Sell Out Your Big Event

Tauren Corsinie, Social Media Manager for ZC Social Media shares insights on developing a campaign to sell out an event designed for over 500 delegates, sponsors and exhibitors.

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Growth Hacking For Real Businesses

Growth Hacking The women In Business Radio Show website

Listen in to the discussion on the why, what and how of growth hacking. Plus, if you though affiliate marketing didn’t apply to ‘real’ businesses – then listen in because you may change your mind. On Today’s show, we were joined by growth hacking expert Kimberly Hash de Vries talking Affiliate Marketing and Growth Hacking…

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Art Business, Awards and Winning Sponsors

Art Business, Awards and Sponsorship

We loved having these experts in the business of arts live in the studio. Nathalie Banaigs is an established artist who also runs Kent Creative Arts, an organisation dedicated to supporting artists in making a living from the art. Genevieve Tollberg is the Gallery and Arts Engagement Manager for Nucleus Arts, who have galleries, cafes…

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