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Growth Hacking For Real Businesses

Growth Hacking The women In Business Radio Show website

Listen in to the discussion on the why, what and how of growth hacking. Plus, if you though affiliate marketing didn’t apply to ‘real’ businesses – then listen in because you may change your mind. On Today’s show, we were joined by growth hacking expert Kimberly Hash de Vries talking Affiliate Marketing and Growth Hacking…

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Art Business, Awards and Winning Sponsors

Art Business, Awards and Sponsorship

We loved having these experts in the business of arts live in the studio. Nathalie Banaigs is an established artist who also runs Kent Creative Arts, an organisation dedicated to supporting artists in making a living from the art. Genevieve Tollberg is the Gallery and Arts Engagement Manager for Nucleus Arts, who have galleries, cafes…

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Fundraising For Charities, Social Enterprises and Not For Profits

Charity Fundraising With Bernie Morgan

Do you need new ideas to fund raise for your non-profit or charity?  The this is the show for you… Today we had fundraising expert Bernie Morgan live in the studio and sharing techniques, ideas and pitfalls when raising the much-needed cash for a charity or social enterprise. Bernie also brings a wealth of experience…

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Teanna LaNise – What To Do During The Holidays PLUS Branding & Marketing Tips!

Grow Your Biz In The Holidays with Teanna Lanise

On today’s show we had Teanna LaNise, owner of Kreative Eye Design, having a chat with us about why holidays are a vital time for small business owners – and not for the sales! It’s a time to either make or break your business for 2017. Listen now to learn more about creating your vision…

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How To Scale Your Business From The Kitchen Table To The Factory Floor!

This week our guest is Nimisha Raja who decided to create a product that a crunchy and healthy alternative to crisps for children and adults alike. Here how she grew her business from experimenting in the kitchen to setting up her own UK based factory production. What did she learn along the way and what…

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Will You Hit These 7 Brick Walls To Business Growth?


It can be so frustrating when you’re working to grow your business, but don’t seem to be getting anywhere. You work like crazy and but it’s two steps forwards and two steps back! And back where you started. But it doesn’t have to be like this! After 15 years of helping corporates to grow, many…

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