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Get Your Own Radio Show With Spreaker

the women in business radio show podcasting postSpreaker is a cost effective and simple way to create podcasts. And podcasts are a great way to spread the word about what you do.

I use Spreaker as a distribution tool for the recordings of the radio show. So they are recorded live in the studio and I then upload the MP3 onto Spreaker. People can go to Spreaker to listen to the show, I can have a bio and pictures up there so it’s a great alternative or enhancement to your website.

If you don’t have a website yet, then Spreaker is one more place online that you can strutt your stuff!

If you don’t have a studio to record your podcast, that’s no problem because Spreaker lets you record your own show. You can do that on your own just by recording through your computer microphones, or you can get a guest to call in and connect with you through Spreaker.

Another way of recording an interview is through skype. You can do what you like as long as end up with an MP3 or MP4 you can load up.

You can start off for free, they have really good instructions and Spreaker will also publish to other platforms on your behalf – such as Itunes, Youtube, Facebook and Tumblr.

And here’s the final thing to get your head round – Spreaker has an RSS feed for your show. That means you can take a little bit of code and by connecting that to RSS publishers, we use Sendible, but you can also use Twitterfeed – you can automatically publish new episodes to your social media accounts or website. Just like magic!

PS an alternative but similar platform is Blog Talk Radio – but do check how much of a palava it is for guests to ring in if you’re both in the UK

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